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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street

Vancouver, Canada
Open from Tuesday to
Sunday, 12 pm → 6 pm

Admission always free

Scott Massey

The Party Crashers, 2016


Scott Massey The Party Crashers, 2016 Cast bronze, encased in wooden box Edition of 250 5 variations: (99942 Aphophis; 4179 Toutatis; 951 Gaspra; 1036 Ganymed; 25143 Itokawa)

Massey combines interest in astronomy, cosmology and quantum physics. The various photograph, installation works and sculptures he produces investigate the very small and the very large, as the works urge us to ask questions about the nature of existence and the troubling duality of light as both medium and pure energy. They examine figurative and literal aspects of the seemingly unknowable, unfathomable or invisible, brought to light through sustained engagement and investigation.