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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Open from Tuesday to
Sunday, 12 pm → 6 pm

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Kirsten Pieroth

I don’t know if Thomas Edison invented the excuse…


This fold-out poster, published by the Contemporary Art Gallery in 2004, was created to accompany Kirsten Pieroth’s exhibition at CAG from May 7 – June 13, 2004.

In this exhibition, Kirsten Pieroth showed a series of works dealing with various interpretations of the term “inventing.” The artist researched facts and fables on the life of American inventor Thomas Alva Edison, who still holds the record for the most patents registered. Through these works the myth of his productivity and creativity gets transferred into general questions about artistic production.

The phrase “I regret that a previous engagement prevents me from accepting your kind invitation to dinner at your home, on Thursday evening, September seventeenth,” taken from an original Edison letter, was the title of an exhibition of Pieroth’s work at Klosterfelde Gallery in Berlin last fall. The works in that exhibition form the core of the show at the Contemporary Art Gallery.


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