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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Admission always free

Today's hours
12 pm - 6 pm
18 Mar 05until24 Apr 05

The Spiders

Damian Moppett, Zin Taylor

CAG Façade

An image showing the front entrance door of the CAG seen from outside. A vinyl of a white spider’s web is printed on the CAG’s glass front door and windows above and besides it.

The Spiders, a collaborative project with Damian Moppett and Toronto based artist Zin Taylor, will use the exterior windows of the Contemporary Art Gallery to exhibit a variety of ephemera (posters, buttons, stickers, displays, and recordings) that document the short, limited and ambiguous history of The Spiders. Much of the material on exhibit was produced in retrospective of the promoted events and specific to their exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery. All in celebration of The Spiders erratic and underwhelming history, two limited edition posters designed and produced by the Montreal design studio Sérigraphie Populaire (a.k.a. seri-pop) will be available at the gallery for purchase as well as handmade silver necklaces.