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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
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12 pm - 6 pm
17 May 97until28 Jun 97

Sandra Meigs


555 Hamilton St

A closeup of a painting on a white wall, with a small white light extending from the wall, pointing to the painting. The work is mostly pale blue, with small blobs of colourful paint lightly blended.

Sandra Meigs is an artist who has been exhibiting nationally since 1974. Primarily identified with Toronto where most of her work has been exhibited and discussed, she has lived in Victoria since 1993 where she teaches at the University of Victoria. Dummies is her first solo exhibition on the West Coast.

Dummies is a series of paintings derived from loosely assembled eleven figure­ models that Meigs has constructed from found materials such as bubblewrap, towels, plastic, pillows and scrap wood. She has used these "figure-models" as a source for portraits in which the face emerges like a phantom within a ground of pure material and creates a perceptual effect that fluctuates back and forth between image and medium. As the intricate surfaces of the paintings are at times like skin with erupting wounds, they verge on the repulsive and ugly. At the same time, their ambiguity and resistance to be anchored in the representational or the abstract makes them fascinating, even beautiful objects. Meigs likens their haunting effect to an insistent mental image or memory that never becomes clear.

Sandra Meigs has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario; the Power Plant, Toronto; Edmonton Art Gallery; Trepanier Gallery, Calgary; Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto; Galerie Chantal Boulanger, Montreal; Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal; and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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