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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street

Vancouver, Canada
Open from Tuesday to
Sunday, 12 pm → 6 pm

Admission always free
1 Dec 06until14 Jan 07

Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky

Alvin Balkind Gallery and CAG Façade

Detail of sculpture installation. Sculptures vary in size, shape, and colour are placed on a large white pedestal. One sculpture looks like a tin bucket.

In their solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery, emerging Vancouver-based team Trevor Mahovsky and Rhonda Weppler present a sculptural series representing everyday manufactured objects. Using basic shapes, solid bands of color and standard materials, they reconstruct familiar mass produced and common objects from a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket to a sugar cube, reducing the objects to their simplest forms. However identifiable the forms and the processes by which the sculptures are produced, Weppler and Mahovsky's minimal gestures are an entry point into complex questions: what decisions are necessary in order to put these common signs off balance, what comes after the point of recognition and how do we negotiate the impulse to make sense of what we see when the objects presented are ultimately contradictory and nonsensical? Since coming together as collaborators, Weppler and Mahovsky share a continued interest in examining the terms of their visual surroundings in an attempt to see the many directions where these simplified signs can lead.