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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until June 7, 2024

Admission always free
2 Feb 88until27 Feb 88


Jocelyne Alloucherie, Angela Grauerholz, Holly King, Francine Larivée, Roberto Pellegrinuzzi, Rober Racine

555 Hamilton St

An abstract black and white photograph depicting rock and water-like forms.

Holly King, Jewelled Mountain, 1986. Photo courtesy of the artist.

“To stage an exhibition within the context of photography that is not simply photography, is in part to provoke the partisans of true-to-life documentary who believe that they are recording reality, the landscape of everyday life, and argue that they have in fact in all this time possessed by one thing: “What we have less and less of as we fall asleep, and more and more of when we wake up”, and to remind them that representation is always constructed, never gathered, that to represent landscape now is to understand that this double-dealing has always been inversed, and that it is in fact landscape that is the double.” (Extract from catalogue essay)

Jocelyne Alloucherie presents an installation where contents and frames interact with one another. Angela Grauerholz mixes photographs of real and represented landscapes. Holly King creates tension between imaginary landscapes and the obvious material means of their construction. Francine Larivée contrasts the immense and the infinitely small. Roberto Pellegrinuzzi restores three-dimensionality to an Ansel Adams photograph. Rober Racine presents one page (containing the word “paysage”) from his re-reading and re-writing of the entire French dictionary, Le Petit Robert.

This exhibition has been shown in Montreal at Dazibao, it will travel to Center Eye in Calgary and YYZ in Toronto.

Guest Curated by Serge Bérard