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Vancouver, Canada
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20 Jan 06until19 Mar 06

Myfanwy MacLeod

Where I Lived, and What I Lived For

B.C. Binning and Alvin Balkind Galleries

 A closeup of a circular mirror mounted on a white wall. The reflection in the mirror shows the corner of a gallery, with several orange drawings in white frames.

Myfanwy Macleod continues to distinguish herself through a diverse body of work marked by her wry sense of humour. Her layered referencing of literature and popular culture, and idiosyncratic use of materials are featured in Where I Lived, and What I Lived For. For this work Macleod draws on such diverse sources as Scottish folklore, drug culture and vernacular representations of the otherworldly. Inspired by Henry David Thoreau's autobiographical account of his stay at Walden Pond, Macleod used her three month residency at Glenfiddich Distilleries in the remote regions of Northern Scotland as a means to reflect on the anxieties associated with the nature of economy. As part of this new work Macleod will exhibit her first large-scale series of photographs, along with drawings of marijuana grow-ops, and an organic sculptural installation. In combination these works recount a haunted narrative of abandonment, paranoia, decay, and self-mockery.

Myfanwy Macleod's exhibition is sponsored by Glenfiddich Distilleries.


Myfanwy MacLeod was born in London, Ontario in 1961. She studied at Concordia University in Montreal and obtained an MFA from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in 1995. She continues to live and work in Vancouver. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. In 1999, she was awarded the VIVA award from the Doris and Jack Shadbolt Foundation. That same year, she also represented Canada at the Melbourne Biennale in Australia. Most recently, she was included in the exhibitions Strips and Characters, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Germany and re(framed) locations, dis(covered) desires: invading the personal and erasing communication errors, Laznia/Bathaus Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Poland. She is represented by the Catriona Jefferies Gallery, Vancouver where she recently exhibited the sound installation Don’t Stop Dreaming.

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