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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until June 7, 2024

Admission always free
28 Apr 87until27 May 87

Lorenzo De Francesco

555 Hamilton St

Several sculptures in a gallery space. The sculptures are made of different black, white, and brown stones. They are carved and stacked into different tall, ridged and bulbous forms.

After nearly a decade of self consciously contrived and internationally hyped “bad" art, it was inevitable that there would be a swing back to a re-consideration of beauty and craftsmanship. This is now happening and superbly "made" paintings and sculptures using traditional materials and techniques are emerging and being applauded by the avant-garde. Much of this new work is abstract with occasional references to the figure or natural forms and much reliant on geometry and balance.

The sculptures of Lorenzo De Francesco have developed slowly and totally without reference to world art trends but they have all of the qualities (and more) of the most exciting new work being produced, exhibited and lauded throughout the art capitals of the world.

Lorenzo De Francesco carves stone — marble to be precise. He chisels and polishes the different coloured stones into seemingly weightless and refined shapes, sometimes wafer thin, ribbed, spheroid or rippling and undulating — all the things that uncompromising stone is not supposed to be able to do. He builds, joins and balances these forms into columns or elegant stacks which have subtle colour changes depending upon the colour of the marble unit or occasional bronze component. It is appropriate to think back to Constantin Brancusi and in the same way Lorenzo De Francesco's work is powerfully simple and abstract but totally contemporary with its hint of figure, torso, striding, soaring, balance, and controlled motion.

-Alan Wood

Guest curated by Alan Wood