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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Admission always free

Today's hours
12 pm - 6 pm
31 Oct 98until5 Dec 98

Kevin Madill

555 Hamilton St

Two photographs are installed at the corner of the gallery. One on the front wall depicts two women in front of orange curtains, and the one on the back wall shows a person standing on a swing.

The Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Vancouver artist Kevin Madill. His formal education includes training in both music composition and the visual arts. His photographs have been exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Morris & Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Artspeak Gallery, Access Gallery, and YYZ.

Madill has gained recognition for his photographic murals which explore various facets of the portrait genre. His portraits are not mere likenesses of individuals, but rather, convey a broader psychological presence of the individual in contemporary society. His ideas and experiences find a present summation in the fantasy-portrait, The Disaffected Hairdresser, one of three large-scale works in this exhibition that have never been exhibited in Vancouver.

In constructing his images, Madill combines digital technologies with works grounded in the history of art. Technology allows for the manipulation of colour and detail, while his references to art history examine the way we read representation and the portrait.