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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
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12 pm - 6 pm
2 Sep 86until27 Sep 86

Judy Davis

Being Placed

555 Hamilton St

A close up view of a sculpture made of cast metal. The edge of the sculpture is coloured gestural strokes of blue and purple pastel.

From the moment of entering the gallery space the viewer is engaged in a very physical interaction with Davis' work; their movement is directed, by a structure of steps and ramp, into a sculptural environment. “Totemic” forms are manipulated within the space to create an atmosphere of tension and imbalance which spark a relationship between these upright forms and the viewer's own physicality and perceptions. Within this environment of uncertainty Davis alludes to the experience of placement/displacement and the effects of dramatic changes in environment and culture.

Cast of Ciment Fondu, these large-scale sculptures demonstrate Davis' careful attention to her materials which result in rich surface textures and forms which appear to be caught in time, between creation and decay.

Drawing and sculpture have a parallel and overlapping role in this exhibition of Davis’ work; the sculptures are drawn on with oil stick, denying an aspect of their three-dimensional state, and the series of drawings on paper inform the development of the sculptural molds while also suggesting alternative perceptual approaches to the installation.

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