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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until June 7, 2024

Admission always free
28 Oct 87until21 Nov 87

Ingrid Yuille

Routes of Ambiguities

555 Hamilton St

On a wall, there are 3 life-sized black and white photos of a person in business attire talking to a cardboard cutout of themself. The cardboard cutout is placed in the corner beside the photos.

Since 1980 Yuille has been developing and expanding on the theme of "ambiguities." Her early works were two-dimensional black and white photo cutouts of people photographed in a manner to represent her view of each person. Over the next few years her work developed with the hand-colouring of cutouts, juxtaposing the cutouts within an environment, and photographing her subjects observing or interacting with the cutout image of themselves. These photographs were exhibited in mural and panel formats. One of her most ambitious exhibitions was installed in three rooms: in the first room the cutouts were juxtaposed if front of the mural, next to a mural or just leaning in the corner; in the middle room a bridge was constructed on which were placed photo-cutouts of people interacting within the context of a semi-real environment; in the third room an installation incorporated not only cutouts of people, but a variety of images one would notice walking through a back lane in the evening. This installation is the most similar in form to the installation proposed for the Contemporary Art Gallery.

Recently Ingrid Yuille returned from an extensive trip to Europe during which she retraced her origins through a photographic perspective. This installation will focus on the role and presence of religion, primarily Catholicism, in her own history and the present day lives of many Europeans. This will be portrayed through an installation of photographs, sculpture and objects associated with confessional booths. A sound track of Gregorian Chants will also be used to evoke a sacred atmosphere.

Guest Curated by Alice Rich