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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
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12 pm - 6 pm
7 Jan 86until1 Feb 86

Hinda Avery

Metaphysic of Nature

555 Hamilton St

A close up view of wooden sculptures resembling houses are lined up in a gallery. The sculptures are painted with small colourful brush strokes.

Credit: Hinda Avery, installation view from Metaphysics of Nature. Photographer unknown.

The works of Hinda Avery are a journey through huge landscapes comprised of four large series of nine to twelve panels each. The work is reminiscent of Paterson Ewen's "phenomena-scapes." Avery's are landscapes within a plywood surface that have been gouged by a wire brush with the addition of almost impressionistic dabs of muted but colourful paint. As well, twelve structures, three feet high represent houses and each are rendered with their own landscapes. The houses are integrated into the exhibition as the artist hopes they will be integrated within the environment they represent. Avery's concerns are environmental and the work exemplifies her respect for the environment and for individual's experience within the natural setting.