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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street

Vancouver, Canada
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12 pm - 6 pm
5 May 01until15 Jul 01

Germaine Koh

Alvin Balkind Gallery

A number of small steel balls for pinball are scattered on the gallery floor. This is a detailed view showing a collection of steel balls reflecting light in various directions.

Germaine Koh, from Toronto, is an emerging artist from a younger generation than Lum. The esteem her work is gen­erating is represented by her invitation to the prestigious 1998 Sydney Biennial in Australia. Germaine Koh's work mar­ries conceptual strategies with the most mundane of events and actions resulting in creations that are humorous, con­templative and ephemeral.

For her exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery she will be presenting two works. The work titled ... (2000) fea­tures a gentle and continuous shower of small ball bearings falling from tracks in the ceiling. They fall and bounce, finding their own settling points, often joining puddles of other ball bearings on the floor. The ball bearings are then recycled back into the tracks and rain down to create new patterns on the floor. A second piece, Prayers (1999), will take place on the outside of the building. A smoke machine is networked to an office computer and will translate its daily texts into Morse code. This translation will be manifested as smoke signals that can be viewed from the street. Germaine Koh's exhibition will be presented in the Alvin Balkind Gallery.

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