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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until June 7, 2024

Admission always free
13 Nov 09until10 Jan 10

Elizabeth Zvonar

On Time

B.C. Binning Gallery and CAG Façade

A collage of two overlapping hands making a butterfly hand gesture in front of a picture of an orange and blue nebula.

Elizabeth Zvonar, Bird in space, 2009. Courtesy the artist

In this new body of work Vancouver artist Elizabeth Zvonar pursues the connections between Cubism, representations of the 4th Dimension and rubber bands as metaphors for time. “I find that at the end of a journey, which of course is neverending, I have found things out.” This quote from British playwright Harold Pinter, is an apt description for On Time, an array of sculptures and collage works that act as possible portals into implausible places.

On Time delves into the realms of science, philosophy and religion by examining how the desire to move between realms—earthly, spiritual or dimensional—is portrayed through invention, ritual and, ultimately, image. Zvonar’s reflection on Cubism and its relationship to Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, as well as her consideration of counter-cultures such as the beat generation and hippy culture, focuses on a common desire to transcend the physical limits of temporal reality. Whether it is the simple gesture of “thumbs up“ or a picture of a popular music icon, she captures this ambition by drawing on familiar images. Through her use of scale, mix of materials and combination of imagery, Zvonar manages to render the familiar somewhat absurd. She captures a humour that taps into an optimism and innocence that seems to belong in some other realm.