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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street

Vancouver, Canada
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12 pm - 6 pm
1 Oct 87until24 Oct 87

David MacWilliam

Paintings and Drawings: 1985–1987

555 Hamilton St

An abstract painting hangs on a gallery wall. The painting has a blue and yellow form at the centre with a solid black background.

Now showing till October 24, Paintings and Drawings 1985–1987 by David MacWilliam. David MacWilliam resides in Vancouver and is an accomplished artist and former Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University. He has been exhibiting since 1978 in solo and group shows both nationally and internationally. In this exhibition of new abstract drawings and paintings by MacWilliam further explores forms which have been prevalent in his work for the past eleven years — the cornucopia, the vessel, the volute, and the palette. MacWilliam's paintings often begin as casual drawings or doodles. It is the latent subjective or subconscious meaning inherent in these drawings which intrigue MacWilliam. His belief that "an artist makes art to make sense or give meaning to our world" and that "this can be done simply, with clarity, elegance and dignity" fuel his ongoing interest in abstraction.

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