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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until June 7, 2024

Admission always free
22 Jul 86until16 Aug 86

Chris Harris

The Consolations of Lost Illusions

555 Hamilton St

Several large, colourful paintings are pinned onto the walls of a gallery. The paintings show complex patterns and abstracted images, some resembling hands, flowers, and insects.

Chris Harris, installation view from The Consolations of Lost Illusions. Photographer unknown.

Chris Harris' earlier work dealt with his environment, paintings of a symbiotic and non-destructive relationship, man being part of, and not antagonistic to nature, the blending of Eastern and Western philosophies. In his current works, Harris is a diarist placing his art/life in the context of contemporary and classical mythologies as applied to modern society. This has led to the visual consolidation of inner personal struggle and outer landscape, and the dance in between.

In The Bird Cage, Harris' blending of Eastern and Western philosophies is most evident. The bird, literally symbolizing freedom, and the cage, reflecting repression, concerns the modern post-war generation's infatuation with freedom and its inherent boundaries of choice. Freedom is portrayed as a fetish object, never quite realized but much desired, even above its intrinsic value. The sky is the sky of a whole day, constantly changing. It represents the real freedom outside the central cage icon. It is an Eastern way of looking at life, that is, life as a paradox. Harris' work reflects his obsession with self-realization. His paintings reveal personal struggles and a very observant look at humanity.

Chris Harris expresses the need for spirituality in modern Western society. His devotion is readily observed in his paintings. They are genuinely unique due to their intensely philosophical and spiritual direction.

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