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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
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12 pm - 6 pm
7 Sep 07until8 Nov 07

Chris Gergley

Copy Work and Gobo

B.C. Binning Gallery, Alvin Balkind Gallery and CAG Façade

A small light is placed on the gallery floor. The shape of this light resembles an old accordion camera. It projects a shape of a star, with the word BIG written inside, on the wall.

Chris Gergley, installation view from Copy Work and Gobo. Photo: SITE Photography

Chris Gergley is a Vancouver-based photographer who has developed a signature style over several serial projects. His first major work, Vancouver Apartments, is a series of eighty-eight photographs of the lobbies of middle class apartment buildings. This work explores the success of typological photography, as practiced by artists as diverse as Bernd and Hilla Becher or Ed Ruscha, as well as documents the quick decay of Modernist apartment buildings in Vancouver. Queen City is a growing record of images of Regina, Saskatchewan, Gergley's hometown. His photographs are deliberately commonplace, capturing what is typical to many small North American cities. For his solo exhibition at CAG Gergley will present a new body of work. Copy Work will include four separate components, all of which include elements culled from his archive of images and photographic paraphernalia. In large part, Copy Work is a reworking and reframing of Gergley's photographic documentation and work for other artists. The exhibition will also include Gobo, a series of slide projections, a presentation for the gallery's street front windows and an artist's bookwork, which will include texts by John O'Brian, Maria Fusco, Steve Edwards, John Roberts and Jenifer Papararo.

This exhibition is sponsored by The Audain Foundation.

Curated by Jennifer Paparo

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