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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until June 7, 2024

Admission always free
14 Oct 16until1 Jan 17

Anchi Lin

To the Shore

North Gallery

Still image from a video. A person wearing a grey shirt and a pair of black pants stands on a concrete floor between spotlights, sweeping with a long broom.

Anchi Lin, To the Shore (still), 2015. Courtesy the artist

In 2015, the Contemporary Art Gallery inaugurated a new annual award for an emerging artist from SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts.

This fall we present To the Shore by 2015 award recipient Anchi Lin, her first solo exhibition. In this single channel video, Lin enacts the sound of waves hitting a shoreline through the simple act of sweeping. Rooted in recollection and memory of place, the work playfully explores domestic routines drawing attention to the meditative quality of action while the audience and the performer transcend their physical reality.


Anchi Lin obtained her BFA in Visual Arts at Simon Fraser University in 2015. Her work has manifested within the realm of performance and video art. Concepts such as language and gender are the basis of her practice while Lin’s Taiwanese aboriginal background has invariably been the catalyst for her examination of identity and cultural norms. Her work continues to navigate realms that fall between individual and collective consciousness.