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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until June 7, 2024

Admission always free
1 Aug 20

In this space

Visual Arts Summer Intensive 2020

Adrienne Neufeld, ‘We Come From the Earth’, 2020. mixed media collage

Contemporary Art Practices: Visual Arts Summer Intensive is a three-week full scholarship program for young artists aged 15 to 19. Hosted by Arts Umbrella and the Contemporary Art Gallery, the course supports participants in developing an art practice that critically engages with the world around them.

In this space showcases the individual artworks of the program’s 2020 cohort, both here online and as printed matter available for free at either at CAG’s bookshop or Arts Umbrella. Rather than gathering in a communal studio environment, participants worked this year via video discussions from home, exploring with guest artists the broad theme of art and everyday life. Responding collectively to the current global state under the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants’ final projects reflect on the familiar environments—physical and otherwise—we often take for granted.

Participating Artists

Deborah Yang, Adrienne Neufeld, Grey Jones, Emily Munro, Simon Tanglao, Natalia Patola Moosmann, Christine Kuo, Sarah Pullen

Facilitating Artists

Hyung-Min Yoon and Kit Liu

Guest Artists

Erica Stocking and Karilynn Ming Ho

Organized by

Roxanne Gagnon, Danielle Green, Jocelyn Sanchez

Generously supported by Lesley Stowe and Geoffrey Scott