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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Open from Tuesday to
Sunday 12 pm → 6 pm

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25 Sep 21

Human Nature

Visual Arts Summer Intensive 2021

Amy Wong, “Portrait of a flower over time,” ink on paper, 9 x 12 in.

Contemporary Art Practices: Visual Arts Summer Intensive is a three-week scholarship program for young artists aged 15 to 19. Hosted by Arts Umbrella and the Contemporary Art Gallery, the course supports participants in developing an art practice that critically engages with the world around them.

In the midst of both a second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and human-caused climate change continuing to have observable effects on our daily lives, this year’s students were invited to explore relationships between nature and culture. Taking inspiration from contemporary art and artists investigating similar concerns, the students worked with guest artists Nicole Kelly Westman and Khan Lee over two workshops, providing them with opportunities to deepen their thematic explorations while expanding their engagement with professional arts contexts. Human Nature showcases the results, bringing together the projects of the program’s 2021 cohort across three platforms: here online; in an exhibition at Arts Umbrella; and in printed matter available for free in CAG’s bookshop and at Arts Umbrella.

Participating Artists

Lily Jones, Maya Lazar Mulabdich, Kaitlyn Lu, Sean Mortenson, Simon Tanglao, Isabelle Trenton, Tatyanna Wilke, Wren Williams, Amy Si Yuan Wong, Mikaela Wong

Facilitating Artists

Hyung-Min Yoon and Kit Liu

Guest Artists

Khan Lee and Nicole Kelly Westman

Organized by

Roxanne Gagnon, Danielle Green, Jesse Wardell, Katty Wu

Full scholarship provided by Tom Ferries and Lisa Pankratz