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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Open from Tuesday to
Sunday 12 pm → 6 pm

Admission always free
14 Dec 17·5:30 PMuntil7:00 PM

A New Path to the Waterfall

Elisa Ferrari: the sound of a cactus being touched by a raindrop

Offsite at Lord Strathcona Elementary School

A black and white line drawing.

Join Elisa Ferrari, Harrell Fletcher, and the Lord Strathcona Elementary community for the sound of a cactus being touched by a raindrop, a communal listening event inspired by the early days of radio broadcasting. In addition to listening to sound collages and field recordings produced by the group, a selection of sound maps and graphic scores will be presented.

A launch of the limited edition publication The Herbarium Project, produced by artist Cease Wyss and the students of Strathcona Elementary, will follow the presentation.

This event is part of A New Path to the Waterfall, a new satellite gallery space within a Vancouver elementary school, re-shaping the ways in which we consider contemporary art, gallery spaces and public schools.

In A New Path to the Waterfall, over the course of six-week periods, each artist collaborates with students to explore different issues and investigate a variety of topics connected to their curriculum. Each artist’s tenure at the school will end with a public presentation that could take many forms.

A New Path to the Waterfall will be presented to the public through exhibitions, interventions, performances and public programming at six week intervals throughout the school year. The public are welcome to attend these events and programs during set hours provided on the project website.