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555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
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Today's hours
12 pm - 6 pm
27 May 22·6:00 PM


Sahbā Sād: Sabzi Bazi

Peanuts Gallery (Broadway & Quebec: enter through the alley south of Broadway and east of Quebec)

Following her recent WEDGE residency — produced in partnership with Ground Floor — artist Sahbā Sād will present Sabzi Bazi, a one-night performance and installation.

Projecting her own longings and desires onto the existing Iranian phenomena of Ruhowzi performance and Tarebar markets, Sabzi Bazi will see Sād aim to imagine a queered future or past, delivering a performance titled Aunty Herb Seller amidst a colourful, chaotic and partially edible Tare Bar installation.


Sahbā Sād (she/they) is an Iranian emerging multidisciplinary artist and writer exploring themes of the epic and esoteric through a humorous linguistic lens and processing the findings into ritualistic games displayed in a wide range of mediums including video, performance and installation. Metaphors, double entendres, allegories and synecdoches, taken off the page and translated into elaborate interactive pieces to be physically experienced or surreal videos that invoke a delirious nostalgia. Sahbā's work has hints of Middle East’s recent histories and flavours, full of secret schisms, dolma fillings, underground rebellions, bread as a weapon of anti colonization and forgotten revolutions.