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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until June 7, 2024

Admission always free
15 May 21

Open Studio

Tracing Light with Alanna Ho

For our first Open Studio video with artist Alanna Ho, Alanna leads us in a drawing activity inspired by Nicole Kelly Westman’s exhibition muddled mirage of memories escaping encapsulation. Nicole considers light an essential collaborator when making her artworks, often thinking about how light shapes the way we experience a given moment or feeling.

Watch the video and follow along as Alanna traces the shapes cast by light shining through a jar filled with water. She’ll share tips and tricks for tracing light and shadows, creating layered artworks with markers and tracing paper.


  • tracing paper
  • markers
  • glass jar (jam jar, mason jar, etc.)
  • 2 tea lights or small, low candles. A battery powered candle works well too.
  • small household objects; small toys, stationery objects etc.
  • flashlight or flashlight on phone

This activity is recommended for artists 4 and up. Please ensure adult supervision at all times when working with lit candles and permanent markers.