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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Open from Tuesday to
Sunday 12 pm → 6 pm

Admission always free
25 Mar 23·1:00 PMuntil3:00 PM

Open Studio

Scrying and Weaving with Sena Cleave

A portrait of Sena Cleave. They are wearing a blue turtleneck with mesh sleeves. They have straight short brown hair, brown eyes and a silver septum piercing.

Photo: Paige Smith.


Open Studio is a monthly program for young visitors and families inspired by contemporary art practices and CAG’s current exhibitions. In March, we invite you to join us for an art-making workshop led by artist Sena Cleave.

Inspired by CAG’s current exhibition Kathy Slade: As the sun disappears and the shadows descend from the mountaintop, Sena will guide the group in a series of experimental portrait drawing exercises. Influenced by the idea of scrying — which is to look into a surface object to gain insight about oneself or one's future — these drawings will be cut into strips, then woven back together with various other papers, plastics, and fibres.


Registration for this event is free, but limited. RSVP to secure your place here.


Sena Cleave is an artist who explores the ways images and texts fabricate ideas of femininity, language, and originality or authorship. Their practice involves weaving, video, and photographic image making, as well as quoting and recombining found text. By bringing together materials found in research and in everyday life, Cleave points to the slippage that occurs when an idea is translated between mediums, languages, or cultural and historical contexts. The found materials become recontextualized among one another, and together they generate something that resembles a whole — one that is jumbled and misbehaving.


ASL interpretation is available on request. Requests can be accommodated up to 5 days in advance. Please contact to book or for more information.