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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Open from Tuesday to
Sunday 12 pm → 6 pm

Admission always free
18 Jun 22·1:00 PMuntil3:00 PM

Open Studio

Flower Pounding with Faune Ybarra

A portrait of Faune Ybarra. Faune is smiling, wearing a green vest and glasses. Behind her is a blue lattice with green plants peeking through.

Photo: Faune Ybarra.


Open Studio is a monthly program for young visitors and families inspired by contemporary art practices and CAG’s current exhibitions. Please join us for an art-making workshop designed and led by artist Faune Ybarra. Drawing on the use of flowers across CAG’s summer exhibitions with Abbas Akhavan and Michelle Bui, Faune will lead participants through a process of flower pounding—hammering flowers into canvas, fabric, or paper—to create unique prints.

Please note that this activity will be loud; the session will include hitting a table with small hammers repetitively. For any visitors with sensory concerns, ear plugs can be provided on request during the workshop.


Registration for this event is free, but limited. RSVP to secure your place here.


Currently dwelling in Vancouver, Faune Ybarra is a diasporic artist originally from Oaxaca and Mexico City. Due to the experience of constantly moving and adapting, Ybarra conceives of her body as a site of translation from whence she attempts to communicate with the other- than-human. Her iterative practice rejects the (art) object as a given outcome and instead speculates on how nomadic creative methodologies converge to document motion. Past repositories of her work have taken the shape of performance, photo-based objects, and diasporic gestures. Ybarra has developed, performed, exhibited, and spoken about her practice at galleries, artist-run centres, and conferences such as Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC), ArtStarts, Eastern Edge Gallery, Grenfell Art Gallery, The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, and SpokenWeb symposium. She holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University.