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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
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Today's hours
12 pm - 6 pm
9 Jul 22·1:00 PMuntil3:00 PM

Open Studio

Ghosts, Pigments and Plastics with Debbie C.

A portrait of Debbie C. Debbie is wearing a black shirt and is seated in front of a white wall.

Photo: Sena Cleave.


Open Studio is a monthly program for young visitors and families inspired by contemporary art practices and CAG’s current exhibitions. Please join us for an art-making workshop led by artist Debbie C. Inspired by CAG’s current exhibition with Michelle Bui, Mutable Materialism, Debbie will guide participants through the process of ghost printing. Using materials such as plastic wrap and dried flowers, participants will make layered prints that use the same block to repeat an image multiple times.


Registration for this event is free, but limited. RSVP to secure your place here.


Debbie C. is an artist from Singapore whose practice is informed by their time working as a graphic designer. Their creative process involves photographing items they own and the places they dwell in, in an effort to anchor themselves through those objects and spaces. Their artworks minimize the importance of the object, replacing it with the importance of an idea or a social relation. Debbie bases their ideas on Shinto, a religion rooted in Japanese culture, with a focus in particular on Tsukumogami, a collective term given to household objects that have existed for at least a hundred years and are believed to have become sentient.