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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Admission always free

Today's hours
12 pm - 6 pm
28 Jul 15·7:00 PM

Feedback Series

Murray Isman, Lucas Abela and Giorgia Magnanensi on Mungo Thompson

A single-channel video is projected on a screen in a darkened gallery. The video depicts musicians in black dress clothes playing instruments in an orchestra.

Mungo Thomson, installation view from Time, People, Money, Crickets. Photo: SITE Photography

This feedback event will respond to Crickets by Mungo Thomson. Bringing together three individuals from diverse backgrounds, participants will engage with these seemingly disparate experiences and knowledge to create new interpretations of Crickets. Murray Isman is a Professor of Applied Biology (Entomology/Toxicology) at the University of British Columbia; Lucas Abela a performance artist and Giorgio Magnanensi a composer, conductor, musician and artistic director of Vancouver New Music.